Chemical Summit

The 3rd Summit Meeting on Chemical Regulations in Asia Pacific

Time : 20 September 2017
Location : Hangzhou, China
Lang. : EN, CN, JAP, KO
Cost : 620USD

The SMCR 2017 will be held on 20-21 September in Hangzhou Hua Jia Shan Resort and covers chemical regulations in China, Korea, Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia, Europe and North America.Welcome to meet with us in Hangzhou.

Cosmetic Summit

The 3rd Shanghai Summit Meeting on Cosmetic Regulations in Asia Pacific 2017

Time : 28 June 2017
Location : Shanghai
Lang. : CN, EN
Cost : 530USD

The SCRA2017 will be held in Shanghai during 28-29 June. The committee of this summit has invited experts from China, America, EU to interpret the current status of cosmetic management and help corporations know the latest regulatory updates and administrative information in these areas.

Chemical Summit

CIRS to Speak for Semiconductor Materials Challenges In and Out of China

Time : 8 November 2016
Location : Shanghai
Lang. : CN, EN
Cost : Refer to IC China Web

The 14th China International Semiconductor Expo & Summit will be held at Shanghai during November 8-10, 2016.CIRS expert is also invited to make speech on China REACH.DO not miss the chance to meet with us.

Chemical Summit

CIRS is to Speak for Regulatory Summit USA 2016

Time : 27 October 2016
Location : Washington D.C
Lang. : EN
Cost : Refer to CW Web

CIRS will give a speech on Updates of MEP Order 7th and the reform of Decree 591 in the 2nd day of meeting. Don’t miss the chance to meet with our experts in the summit.

Chemical Summit

The 2nd Summit Meeting on Chemical Regulations in AP 2016 (SMCR 2016)

Time : 18 October 2016
Location : Hangzhou, China
Lang. : EN, KR, JP, CN
Cost : 3800 - 4200 RMB

The SMCR 2016 will be held during 18-19 October 2016 in Hangzhou and covers Chemical Regulations in China, Korea, Japan, Europe, Australia, North America and Taiwan. Officials and experts from those countries/regions will speak on chemical regulations, chemical notification/registration experiences, hazardous chemical management, chemical supervision and classification/GHS.