CFDA Reply on the Management of China Health Food in the Near Future

On 24 October 2017, CFDA published a reply to the proposal to encourage research and development of traditional Chinese medicine health food products, which was putted up by a national committee of the twelve CPPCC. In this reply, CFDA talked about two aspects arrangements of health food management in the near future. It can help us understand some of the future development of health food in China.

1. Management of new food raw materials and list of items which are both food and pharmaceutical

I. New food raw materials

National Health and Family Planning Commission of China (NHFPC) is in charge of new food raw material approval. For the moment, NHFPC is actively promoting the management reforms of “new food raw material, new food additive, new food contact material”. It is planned to strengthen the safety review according to standard management mode, to improve efficiency and release industry vitality.

II. List of items which are both food and pharmaceutical

NHFPC, together with CFDA and State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of China (SATCC) are speeding up the list formulation. For the moment,they have completed rounds of research and comments solicitation. The list will be completed and published as soon as possible.

2. Management of health food raw materials directory and health function directory

I. Administrative measure of health food raw materials directory and health function directory

CFDA had issued the draft of Administrative Measure of Health Food Raw Materials Directory and Health Function Directory for public comments before. Currently, the Measure has completed the approval procedures and submitted to NHFPC for countersignature. It will be promulgated in the near future. The Measure stipulated that any unit or individual can propose a proposal to include and adjust these two directories, on the basis of relevant research.

II. The first batch of health food raw materials directory and health function directory

On 27 December 2016, CFDA, together with NHFPC and SATCC had issued the Health Food Raw Materials Directory (the first batch)-Nutrition Supplement Raw Materials Directory and Directory of Health Function Available to Claim for Health Food (the first batch). Please kindly click here for the detailed information of these two directories.  

III. Research on the management of health food function claim

On 13 December 2016, CFDA issued the draft of Comments on the Management of Health Food Function Claim. After several revises, this Comment will be promulgated in the near future as well. There are 5 characteristics in the Comment: 1. Clear the position of health food claims; 2. add descriptive restrictive words in the health food claims; 3. Clarify the scientific basis and evaluation principle of health food claims; 4. Clear information disclosure requirements on health function evaluation; 5. Identify the labeling requirements of health function claims of products in the market.

For the next step, CFDA will steadily promote the work on health food raw materials directory and health food function directory, with a more open and transparent way. Relevant unit and individual are suggested to pay attention to the new regulations and changes in the future.

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