Echa Published Draft Corap for 2018-2020

Echa has drafted a list of 107 substances to be evaluated under the Community Rolling Action Plan (Corap) for the period 2018-20. Of all the 107 substances, ninety-one substances were on the adopted list covering 2017-19 while 16 substances are newly added into the list.

ECHA plans to evaluate 26 substances in 2018, 37 in 2019 and 44 in 2020. Registrants of the listed substances are encouraged to start coordinating their actions and to contact the evaluating authorities in the Member States. Downstream users of the listed substances are invited to review the information they hold and share that with registrants. 

The draft CoRAP includes the non-confidential substance names, CAS and EC numbers, the tentative year of evaluation, contact details of the proposed evaluating Member State as well as a brief indication of the initial area of concern. This year, the groups of structurally similar substances that potentially could be evaluated together are also marked in the plan.

The list has been prepared together with the Member States, taking into account risk-based criteria to select the substances. The final plan will be adopted in March 2018.

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